Outdoor photography

OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHY Shooting out in the wild brings about a number of technical challenges for the photographer but at the same time it gives you access to a vast range of subjects and possibilities to explore. One might have less control as compared to other environments but it gives photos an aesthetic essence. Orion is well prepared to take advantages to those possibilities and always… Read More »Outdoor photography

sports photography

SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHY Every move from every angle in a game, determines your victory. We’ll be keeping an eye on your precision. And when you hit that home run, we’ll be the first one to congratulate you.

birthday photography

BIRTHDAY PHOTOGRAPHY The best day to celebrate is your birthday. From the first cry to youthful smiles, we want to save them all for you and your family. Birthday signifies the beginning and the joy of life. And Orion here, can make it memorable.

Wedding photography

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY We wouldn’t miss a chance to witness the union of two souls. We’ll be there to capture your tears of joy. We are dedicated to creating and preserving your memories of such a special day for a lifetime. With Orion, you won’t have to worry and can focus on the wedding.

poRtrait Photography

PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how fast reality really moves. Capturing the personality of a person or a group of people can either be planned poses or candid shots. As per your requirement and comfort, Orion is ever ready to reflect your charisma on to photos just for you to reminisce those moments in the future.